Sameera Khan Rehmani

To escape an unexamined life…

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Résumé (Concise)

New York Fashion Week - Autumn'18

New York Fashion Week - Autumn'18

Selected design for New York Fashion Week – Autumn ’18. (with co-designer Raajmani Yadav)

Kalaa-Samrajya (Empire of Art): Celebrating Medieval Indian Art as inspiration – a confluence of Fabrics, Patterns and Palettes reflecting an era of opulence and grandeur, blended with the new.


Experienced communications specialist with a wide and strong academic background, seeking to make an impact.


My aspiration is to write about and explore themes of gender, psychology, mental well-being, feminist film theory, critical psychology and other such theoretical frameworks which allow us to question our consumption of various forms of media. I also wish to create fashion which is elegant and modern, but celebrates all the goodness of the past, all the while ensuring sustainability, eco-friendliness and environmental harmony.


The soul of our planet

True happiness lies in designing our lives around it



Experienced in editing books and journals, interviewing, writing for media, magazines, marketing and web content; communication training; wide ranging interests in continued learning and education; academic teaching experience as well as publications and research; experience in fashion design and development.

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